Baumohl Hamburg LLC is one of the leading family law firms servicing Annapolis and Anne Arundel County. We specialize in all facets of family law and divorce cases, including high net divorce, child custody, alimony, child support, domestic violence, marital property division, pre-nuptial agreements, adoption, and appeals. Regardless of what type of services you require, you can rely on us to aggressively battle to shield your interests. Our mission is to secure favorable rulings while providing a stress-free and peaceful experience.

For those seeking help from a family law office servicing Annapolis, Baumohl Hamburg offers outstanding and fearless advocacy services. Our attorneys have a deep background in domestic relations litigation and mediation, while providing exceptional client representation and knowledgeable guidance. With more than 75 years of combined experience and an exceptional track record of success, you can rely on us to fight for you and your family to get you the verdict you deserve. Don’t wait, call us at (443) 940-2000 or contact us online.

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Family Law Practice Areas at Baumohl Hamburg

Baumohl Hamburg company provides extensive legal counsel to clients who are facing various kinds of family law disputes, skillfully resolving complicated family situations. During these intense emotional times, you can rely on our family lawyers to provide powerful, but highly compassionate advocacy, arbitration, and negotiation. Our fearless and passionate attorneys will work tirelessly to protect your rights and those of your family, while striving to ease your transition into the next chapter of your life.

Below, you can find out more about our family law practice areas.


When it comes to domestic relations, divorce is certainly one of the most emotionally challenging and stressful types of issues. Hiring an experienced Annapolis divorce lawyer, like those at Baumohl Hamburg, is crucial in cases like these, as we know how to guide you and support you until we accomplish a favorable resolution for your family. We are firmly devoted to providing you with knowledgeable counsel in divorce cases of all kinds, including high-net worth divorce, uncontested divorce, highly contested, and mutual consent divorce.

Child Custody

In Maryland, in divorces with children involved, child custody disputes must be resolved prior to finalizing the divorce legally. Child custody matters can be extremely sensitive and overwhelming for every member of the family, which is why our attorneys show deep empathy and understanding when working on cases like these. Our legal counsel covers all types of child custody arrangements, including joint custody, sole custody,  and split custody. In addition, we can provide assistance with creating parenting plans and visitation rights.


During and/or after the divorce, it is common practice for one spouse/partner to pay alimony, or spousal support, to another partner. If you need an attorney for spousal support in Annapolis, you can rely on Baumohl Hamburg. Our attorneys will fight strategically and aggressively to help you become self-supporting and keep your living standards optimal. Your case will be handled with sharp and fearless advocacy, regardless of alimony type. Baumohl Hamburg law firm offers legal services concerning temporary alimony, rehabilitative alimony, and indefinite alimony. Our senior attorneys’ main area of expertise is alimony disputes in high-income families.

Child Support

In the state of Maryland, all parents are obligated to provide for the well-being of their child or children, regardless of the relationship status of the parents. Typically, child support is financial aid paid to custodial parent by the noncustodial parent, and the exact amount is determined based on the Maryland Child Support Guidelines. If you are looking for an experienced child support attorney in Annapolis, turn to Baumohl Hamburg for competent and passionate representation involving child support, modifications (changes) of child support, and child support in high net worth divorce or separation cases.

Marital Property Division

Marital property division issues can become quite complicated, especially in high-asset families, which is why it is essential to hire a knowledgeable attorney who will safeguard your rights and work towards the best possible outcome for you. We specialize in the real estate division, stock and investment division, businesses and professional practices distribution, debts distribution, retirement funds division, trusts division, etc. With boutique legal style and forceful counsel, we provide peace of mind and successful resolution in marital property distribution matters.

Domestic Violence  – Protective Orders & Peace Orders

If you, or someone you know, is experiencing emotional, physical or sexual abuse, you should contact local authorities and a domestic violence lawyer straight away. Our attorneys offer legal assistance with filing charges, seeking protective orders (restraining orders) and peace orders, and adjusting child custody and visitation agreements. We are dedicated to empathetically helping victims of domestic violence by protecting their legal rights.

Domestic Agreements

Baumohl Hamburg law firm provides assistance with drafting, creating, negotiating, and signing all forms of domestic agreements: prenuptial agreements, separation agreements, and post-nuptial agreements. Our lawyers are proficient in identifying your needs and potential problems which may arise in the future. Rest assured, all of these topics will be addressed in the agreements, which are legal documents.


Appellate law is another practice area we are well-versed in. We offer advice for clients needing assistance with appealing to court or modifying court’s decisions (court orders, documents, or decrees). Whether you wish to challenge a ruling, or to accomplish a different decision, you can rely on us.


If you live in Annapolis, Maryland and are planning on adopting a child, we can help with all of the legal requirements. Our lawyers are resourceful and experienced in helping families through all types of adoptions, such as domestic adoption, international adoption, stepparent adoption, foster care adoption, and relative adoption. We want to make the adoption process as smooth as possible, allowing a stress-free and worry-free experience for everyone involved.

Expert Legal Assistance For High Net Divorce Cases In Annapolis, MD

If you are facing a high net worth divorce, you are most likely feeling a lot of tension and stress, with the stakes being so high. Typically, divorces of high-income couples involve over $1 million dollars in marital property that needs to be distributed between the partners. Marital property includes assets, businesses, retirement funds, personal trusts, real estate, stocks, bonds, and debt to be divided between the spouses. With such a substantial amount of assets to be divided, many partners feel that the settlement will not turn out fair in the end.

Between alimony, child support, visitation rights, and property division, achieving positive rulings might seem almost impossible. This is why you should seek out professional legal counsel. An experienced divorce attorney from Baumohl Hamburg will provide reliable representation and efficient resolution of burning issues and tremendously contested subjects in high-net divorces. Contact us today to hire award-winning Annapolis divorce lawyers and enjoy a 100% client-oriented approach, utmost care and undivided attention.

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Meet Annapolis Family Attorneys

At Baumohl Hamburg Law Firm, we take pride in fostering long-lasting, solid relationships with our clients by being diligent, honest, compassionate and always accessible. Every attorney at our firm has sharpened unique legal and professional skills, giving us the opportunity to provide clients with adequate and strong custom-tailored representation.


Harry A Baumohl, Founding Partner


Michael B. Hamburg, Esq., Founding Partner

 Jodie Sykes Hamburg, Associate Attorney

Clients’ Testimonials

Mike Hamburg and Jodie supported me through a two year custody and divorce battle with my narcissistic ex while living across the country. We didn’t actually physically meet until we were 6 months into the case. Incredible. Mike is knowledgeable and Jodie is intuitive. They are a strong team who work together seamlessly. They helped me win my daughters and my freedom after two long days in court and two long years preparing. I have stayed in touch with Jodie and Mike for over ten years now, which is a testament to them. They really got to know me. They took time to handle my case with legal grit while holding my hand at the same time. I value them and what they were able to do for me. I highly recommend the Baumohl Hamburg Law Firm to lead you through divorce and custody battles.

Jodie Fitzgerald

Why Put Baumohl Hamburg Divorce Attorneys On Your Side?

Regardless of which practice area of family law you need help with, the law office of Baumohl Hamburg will deliver individualized legal counsel and utmost attention. By leveraging extensive expertise and persevering determination, our attorneys will lead you forward with confident assurance.

We are committed to obtaining favorable court results by efficient and strong advocacy.

  • 75+ years of combined legal experience
  • Boutique-style company
  • 100% customer-oriented approach
  • High net divorce case specialists
  • Client online case platform
  • Remarkable track record of success
  • Proud members of Maryland State Bar Association, American Bar Association, Baltimore Collaborative Divorce Professionals, and Baltimore County Bar Association
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Key Revisions to Maryland Divorce Laws: What You Need to Know from October 1, 2023

Starting October 1, 2023, divorce proceedings in Maryland will undergo pivotal changes. Here’s a concise breakdown to help you navigate these updates:


  1. Elimination of “Limited Divorce”: Previously, Maryland recognized two types of divorces: “limited” and “absolute.” With the new amendments, only “absolute divorce” remains an option.
  2. Revised Grounds for Divorce: Alongside the above structural change, the reasons one can cite for seeking an absolute divorce have been streamlined:
  • Mutual Consent: This requires both spouses to collaboratively draft a marital settlement agreement. This crucial document will address pivotal matters, including child support, alimony, custody arrangements, and property division.
  • Irreconcilable Differences: Employ this ground when one spouse believes the marriage can’t continue due to deep-rooted disagreements on essential marital concerns.
  • 6-Month Separation: If partners have lived apart without cohabitation for at least 6 months, it can now be a basis for filing for divorce.
  1. Legal Separation No More: The new laws have done away with ‘legal separation’ as a recognized status.

Legal landscapes evolve, and understanding these changes is essential for anyone considering or undergoing a divorce. For detailed insights and guidance tailored to your situation, you’re encouraged to peruse the official Maryland Courts website. Additionally, our team of expert divorce attorneys stands ready to assist you with personalized advice and support.

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Do I have to hire a lawyer? Can I represent myself?

Yes, you can opt for representing yourself by utilizing information found on the internet. However, that might not be the best way to handle your family law case. Sometimes, the information found online is not reliable, which might affect your case negatively. You want to avoid filing improper or erroneous documentation and forms. This is why it is strongly recommended to hire professional law firm to manage your divorce case. Legal representation will ensure that you obtain a positive outcome, peace of mind, and a streamlined navigation through the legal system.

Should I hire a large or a small law firm?

Although some people opt for a large law firm, believing they will handle their case best, this is not necessarily always the best solution, as skilled attorneys can work in both large and smaller companies. The main difference is in the personalized approach and accessibility. When hiring a small law firm, you will receive more individual attention and your case will typically be handled by themselves , and not handed over to other lawyers, or paralegals. Furthermore, small law firm attorneys will be easily accessible to you most of the time.

How much do you charge for your services?

Baumohl Hamburg attorneys charge an hourly rate for the services offered. By charging an hourly rate, your expenses will correspond to the amount of work/time involved and you will not be overcharged. Hourly rates may vary depending on your attorney’s experience and how complex your case is. They range from paralegals to senior family law lawyers. For more information, give us a call on (443) 940-2000.