Baumohl Hamburg law firm is a Maryland family law firm servicing clients in Carroll County.. Our area of expertise is family and domestic law, and our attorneys are genuinely passionate about what they do. We represent husbands, wives, same-sex couples, high-net worth individuals, and clients with considerable and/or sophisticated marital asset scenarios. Our law office handles all aspects of legal proceedings in contested and uncontested divorce cases, from filing, negotiations, settlements, modification requests, or existing orders enforcement. Turn to us for all things related to divorce, including high-asset divorce, spousal support, child support, marital property division, visitation rights, child custody matters, domestic violence, prenuptial agreements, protective orders, mediation services, and civil litigation.

Since divorce disputes are typically one of the most difficult periods in one’s life, it is of uttermost importance to choose the right family lawyer. With over 75 years of combined practice, Baumohl Hamburg legal advisors are widely recognized as invincible, reputable Maryland family law experts. Our practice is kept small and our attention is fully devoted so that you can have our full attention. Do not hesitate to reach out to our office via contact form or call us today at (443) 940-2000 to set up an initial consultation.

Family Law Practice Areas

Family law addresses the requirements and needs of the family, and it deals with domestic agreements (prenuptials, post nuptials, marital agreements), child support, child custody, high-net worth divorce, visitation rights, and so much more. Don’t let family law disputes overwhelm you – let Baumohl Hamburg experienced family law lawyers guide you to a favorable resolution with compassion and expertise.

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High-Net Worth Divorce Cases in Carroll County

High-net worth divorce cases are those cases that have marital property of over $1 million dollars. Marital property in a high-profile marriage includes a lot of different types of assets, making the division substantially more difficult and sophisticated, compared to conventional divorce cases. High-net worth divorce will include the distribution of real estate, vehicles, collectibles, artwork, household items, bank accounts, pension funds, debts, stocks, bonds, pension funds, businesses, and so on. As with standard marriage endings, unless you and your partner have an agreement outside the courtroom, marital property in Maryland is to be divided equitably before the divorce is official.

If you are facing a high net-worth divorce, take caution when choosing a divorce attorney in Carroll County, because you want to make sure your rights are fully protected and you are not deprived of anything that belongs to you. These divorce proceedings entail considerable amounts of money, sophisticated financials, complex taxes, multiple businesses, etc. When the stakes are so big, it is essential to find a fierce and tenacious lawyer who will aggressively fight for your interests. A good high-net worth divorce lawyer will also leverage assistance from financial professionals as a means to discover possible hidden assets, because typically, certain assets tend not to be disclosed in cases like these. Baumohl Hamburg attorneys are powerful counsellors and court litigators in high-profile marital property disputes. Utilizing our boundless knowledge and courageous methods we will protect your rights and make sure you get everything that rightfully belongs to you.

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Divorce cases can become exceptionally complex and hard, because of all the emotions that are involved and all the intricate proceedings that can get overwhelming quickly. This is why it is extremely important to hire an attorney with whom you will be able to communicate clearly and honestly, who has enough expertise, and who has a caring and kind attitude towards you and the children. Our divorce lawyers have the necessary legal expertise and practice to fight for your best interests in all types of divorce, like contested divorce, uncontested divorce, litigated divorce, as well as mediation outside the courtroom. In addition, we are truly dedicated to a considerate and caring client approach throughout the process.


One of the crucial aspect of divorce is alimony, also known as spousal support. Alimony is a monthly payment paid by one spouse to the lower-income spouse. This payment serves to help maintain the same level of living standards after the divorce. When the couple cannot agree on the details of the alimony, the case is taken to court that will decide on the specifics of spousal support. Things that will be taken into account include age, health, ability to self-support, how soon one can become self-sufficient, mental health condition, contributions made, spousal agreements, financial capacity, government assistance impact, and similar factors. A lot of these areas are left for interpretation by the judge. If your divorce or alimony dispute goes to court, our lawyers will represent you and your best interests before the judge in cases of high-net worth divorce alimony, rehabilitative alimony, temporary (pendente lite) alimony, and permanent (indefinite) alimony. Spousal support in Maryland can be terminated in cases of death, remarriage, and significant changes in circumstances.

Child Custody

Child custody and visitation rights can be quite a sensitive subject for everyone involved, and our lawyers understand that. We know that when there are children involved in a case of divorce, everyone’s emotions become overwhelming. It can be very hard to face the fact that you may not be able to see your kids on a daily basis. Our main priority is to assist you to accomplish an arrangement (also called a Parenting Plan) you are most comfortable with and which promotes a healthy relationship between a parent and a child. We will lead you with confidence and compassion through legal actions such as mediation, negotiation, and courtroom litigation. We will prioritize the child’s best interests, and our main goal is to make sure your core needs and requirements are met. Our child custody services include matters of joint custody, sole custody, physical custody, legal custody, high-asset divorce child custody, child custody litigation, visitation rights, child custody appeals and child custody modifications.

Child Support

The vast majority of child support disputes in Maryland are tackled by following the child support guidelines written in Maryland law. These guidelines have been established in order to make sure that both parents have enough financial assets in order to comfortably provide for the child or children. At the Baumohl Hamburg family law office, our lawyers work closely with you to deliver suitable amounts and calculations. Sometimes, it is possible to diverge from the guidelines by presenting the judge with the relevant information which can influence the modification of child support. Our staff is known as a fearless and passionate team committed to resolving your case as amicably as possible, but who will strongly fight for the best interests of your children and yourself when your case is taken to court.

Domestic Agreements

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, also known as domestic agreements, are legally valid contracts that are written and signed by the couple before a witness, prior to getting married. These agreements serve to protect each person’s assets should a couple divorce. Furthermore, it contains terms and conditions on how the finances will be handled during and after the marriage.

Baumohl Hamburg family law attorneys know Maryland Family Court intricacies inside and out. We have a proven track record of defending our clients’ rights. Our strong skills include crafting, negotiating, and enforcing thorough prenuptial and postnuptial contracts which will ensure you feel more confident about a safer future for yourself and your family.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is any type of abusive behavior against a family member (spouse, former spouse, a person you share a child with, a person you are/were in a romantic relationship with, current or former cohabitant, etc.). Domestic abuse is defined as displaying power and control through abusive behavior (physical, sexual, emotional, economic, mental, psychological), stalking, manipulation, coercive control, isolation by movement and communication restriction, harassment, intimidating, deprivation of basic necessities and similar violent behaviors. Any evidence of abusive behavior will have a major impact on the conclusion of divorce. The judge has the authority to rule specific issues in favor of the spouse who was a victim of domestic abuse in marriage. The spouse who was the abuser will also have a chance to present evidence before the judge. Baumohl Hamburg seasoned attorneys provide comprehensive services in domestic violence cases such as filing charges, protective orders, restraining orders, peace orders, and court representation.

Marital Property Division

Before getting officially divorced, in Maryland, you first have to reach an agreement with your spouse about how the marital property will be divided. Marital property are all the assets that you two, as a couple, have accumulated during the course of marriage. Marital property includes real estate, vehicles, bank accounts (brokerage, investment funds, retirement funds, stock funds), personal property, collections, pension funds, etc. And since Maryland is an equitable state, this means that marital property will be divided so that it is fair towards both parties involved. Before making a decision, the judge will take into account contributions, financial situation, marriage duration, age, and so on.

Additional Family Law Practice Areas

We can also help you if you are seeking legal help with the following practices:

  • Appels and Appellate Court (filing notice of appeal, order transcript, briefs)
  • Petitions and motions for modifications (child custody and child support)
  • Adoption services (public agency, private agency, and independent adoption)

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Locations We Serve in Carroll County

Baumohl Hamburg offers legal representation to husbands, wives, LGTBQ community members, parents, step-parents, grandparents, and children across Carroll County, MD, including the following locations: Westminster, Sykesville, Eldersburg, Hampstead, Taneytown, Manchester, New Windsor, Union Bridge, Woodbine and the surrounding areas and neighborhoods across the Baltimore Metropolitan area. If your area is not mentioned in the list, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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We, at Baumohl Hamburg, understand how important expert legal counsel is and we know all about the difference it can make. Throughout the years we have worked closely with our valuable clients to determine the best strategy for reaching their legal objectives. Our close-knit team is trustworthy and will provide you with helpful insights and valuable advice while working on your case. Adversarial legal actions can have a remarkable impact on anyone involved, but we are quite sympathetic about it. We will lead you through the whole process with success.

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