When it comes to family law matters, Baumohl Hamburg provides customized legal counsel and effective strategies for even the most contested divorce cases. Our skillful and knowledgeable family law experts strive to provide families throughout Cockeysville and the greater Baltimore County area with the highest level of expertise, client service, and compassion. We specialize in divorce and a broad range of practice areas: high-asset divorce cases, child support, equitable distribution of property, alimony, protective orders, peace orders, appeals, prenuptial agreements, adoption, and other facets of family law. Our team understands how stressful divorce can be, and that’s why our main goal is to provide fearless and powerful legal representation while minimizing the emotional turmoil of the process.

Over the years, we have built a strong reputation and solid trust with our clients and industry colleagues by commitment to excellence, depth of experience, and reaching positive outcomes. As a respectable boutique-style family law firm, we offer a highly personalized, one-on-one approach to every client and work tirelessly to obtain positive resolutions. We will strongly defend and protect your rights by leveraging our expansive knowledge and versatile legal skills, including negotiation, litigation and mediation. We are here to help you transition to your new life seamlessly and confidently, without much delay. To request a consultation and get the help you need, reach us by phone at (443) 940-2000 or fill out our convenient online contact form.

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Family Law Practice Areas

Family law covers a wide range of legal issues concerning family relationships. Experienced attorneys at Baumohl Hamburg are highly proficient at handling these matters, from high-net divorce to child custody and spousal support. Besides having ample knowledge about Maryland family law, we understand that family disputes can become quite overwhelming and can have a substantial emotional influence on those who are part of it. We are here to provide support, clarity, and fierce advocacy during these overwhelming times, ensuring the end result is beneficial for you. Below, you can find more information about our family law practice areas.

#1-Trusted High-Net Worth Divorce Attorney in Cockeysville

Divorce, or marital dissolution, is typically quite a challenging process. This is especially the case with high profile couples, who have accumulated over $1 million dollar of marital property during the course of marriage. High-asset cases bring countless challenges that can prolong the duration of the proceedings, and they include: prenuptial contract details, financial worth evaluation, identifying hidden assets, determining child support, child custody matters, visitation rights, and so on. In order to secure an ideal ruling, turn to Baumohl Hamburg, experienced Cockeysville high-net worth divorce lawyers. Our law offices have masterfully handled exceptionally intricate high-asset divorces that involve various marital property: real estate, investments, funds, trusts, debts, pension funds, vehicles, private businesses, etc. During these uncertain times, you can count on us to passionately protect your interests, boost your confidence, and give you peace of mind by accomplishing legal goals you wish for.

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Divorce is one of the most common practice areas of family law, and in order to reach beneficial results for your family and yourself, you should work with a competent lawyer, who is skilled in high-net worth divorces, divorce negotiations, divorce mediation, petition filing, or divorce litigation, no matter what the grounds for ending the marriage are. Baumohl Hamburg lawyers are dedicated to providing very powerful representation and an easy change into a new life.

NOTE: As of October 1st, 2023, in the state of Maryland, grounds for divorce are mutual consent, irreconcilable differences, and a 6-month separation period.

Child support

In the state of Maryland, parents who have minor children together, and who are facing a divorce, are obliged to reach an agreement on the matters of child support, before they can file for divorce. The court requires that both parents provide for the child, and the exact amount is determined based on various factors and Maryland Child Support Administration (CSA) Guidelines. For seasoned help in cases of child support, modifications post-divorce, and child support in high-profile cases, Baumohl Hamburg is your ultimate destination.

Child custody

If you are going through a child custody dispute, your and your lawyer’s top priority should be your children’s well-being. Navigating the complex legal process of child custody can be overwhelming, especially since you are already going through the emotional stress of divorce. This is where a proficient and empathetic child custody lawyer comes in. He or she advocates for the best interests of your children and ensures confident guidance through sophisticated proceedings of legal custody, physical custody, joint custody, visitation rights, high-assets divorce custody matters, mediation, appeals, and modification.


The purpose of alimony is to give one spouse the time and means to become a self-supporting member of society faster and to maintain proper standards of living. In issues involving alimony (or spousal support) you should make sure to hire a competent lawyer who will protect your rights and work towards a positive outcome. If you are in Cockeysville, turn to Baumohl Hamburg lawyers for professional legal assistance with permanent (indefinite) alimony, temporary (rehabilitative) alimony, and alimony in high-net worth divorce cases.

Marital property division

When it comes to marital property division, Maryland is an equitable state. This means that the distribution of the accumulated assets will be allocated so that it is fair for both spouses, and not necessarily equally. The court will consider factors like earning capacity, age, health, skills, current income, etc. To make sure your property is properly evaluated and to ensure you receive all the assets that are rightfully yours, contact marital property division attorneys at Baumohl Hamburg. We will work hard and diligently to establish a strong case. We have a lot of relevant experience in assets analysis, identifying hidden assets, allocation of real estate properties, vehicles distribution, division of financials (investments, trusts, funds, debts), businesses division, etc.

Domestic violence

Domestic violence is abusive behavior that occurs between members of one family or one household, and it includes different forms of abuse: physical, emotional, sexual, psychological, or financial. It also includes stalking, harassment, intimidation, coercing, manipulation, and other similar types of violent behavior. If you need legal assistance with these highly sensitive matters, you can rely on us to provide discrete and compassionate legal representation. Our attorneys handle filing charges, seeking protective orders, obtaining restraining orders, and acquiring peace orders.

Domestic agreements

Domestic agreement is legally-binding contract that outlines the terms of the relationship between spouses. Typically, it contains rights and obligations, details on how the marital property will be divided in case of divorce, property interests of children, and so on. Protect your rights by hiring domestic agreement attorneys from Baumohl Hamburg who offer efficient services of drafting and negotiating prenuptial agreements, separation agreements, and post-nuptial agreements.

Additional Family Law Practices

For decades, the divorce attorneys of Baumohl Hamburg have expertly guided spouses through the following practices:

  • Family law appeals
  • Modifications of child custody and child support
  • Mediation
  • Adoption

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Harry Baumohl represented me in my divorce in Baltimore County. He came highly recommended by a family member who used him… twice. Harry negotiated on my behalf very effectively, protected my interests while still showing understanding and commitment to common interests with my ex-wife. As a result, I still have a very good relationship with my ex and my kids, which can’t be overstated in importance. Furthermore, I felt like he was cognizant of my budget, used his time and efforts efficiently and his fees were very reasonable.

Richard Fradkin

Why Hiring Baumohl Hamburg Divorce Attorneys Is a Wise Move

What makes us different is our distinctive and personalized approach to you, your family, and your case. We believe that each client, or family, is entitled to legal counsel that promotes well-being and reduces emotional stress with plenty of genuine care and understanding. Our mission is for our services to closely match your needs and to accomplish positive rulings in the shortest time possible, whether you are involved in a contested divorce case or not. Our job is to protect your rights and those of your family and children.

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  • Strict standards of confidentiality and discretion
  • Widely respected by clients, colleagues, and community members
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The Most Effective & Competent Family Law Advocacy in Cockeysville, MD

If your family law matter is complicated and difficult, or if it involves a lot of money, it is best to seek a good lawyer who will provide strategic counsel and legal expertise to resolve the issues to your favor. For the residents of the Cockeysville area, the attorneys at Baumohl Hamburg law firm offer competent and sharp representation, in and outside the courtroom. We have decades-long experience in advocacy and savvy litigation of high-asset divorce cases, marital property allocation, child custody battles, child and spousal support matters, and other areas of family law. For more information dial (443) 940-2000 today.

Divorce Questions Answered


1.      What is the new divorce law in Maryland  in 2023?

The state of Maryland has enforced new changes to divorce law, which came into effect on October 1st, 2023. As of this date, ‘limited divorce’ no longer exists in Maryland. The only legal option remains ‘absolute divorce’, although the grounds for it have been adjusted. Current grounds for obtaining divorce in Maryland are mutual consent, irreconcilable differences, and a 6-month separation period. For more information, visit the official Maryland Courts Divorce page.


2.      What is a protective order?

A protective order is granted by the court in cases of domestic violence against intimate partners, spouses, children, or relatives. Protective orders issued at the end of your case last up to a year, and can safeguard you against a variety of things, which are specific to your circumstances. Protective orders can include provisions like ceasing of abuse, no contact, vehicle use, counseling, relocation from family home, visitation and custody rights modifications, firearm surrender, and much more.


3.      How does the court in Maryland determine visitation rights?

In the state of Maryland, even if the parent does not have custody of children, he or she still has visitation rights. Visitation arrangements are set either by parenting plan or by court, and it is often a fixed schedule. For instance, a child spends every other weekend, or specific number of days in a month with the non-custodial parent. There are also instances where a parent may only be allowed to see the child while the visit is supervised. The supervision can either be conducted by a custodial parent, professional third party, or other adults. When determining visitation rights, the judge takes into consideration things like character, reputation, fitness, work schedule, child’s wishes, parent’s preferences, and similar factors.


4.      How do I draft a parenting plan?

The court in Maryland wants the parenting plan to reflect what’s in the children’s best interest. The plan should include specifics about arrangements of physical custody, visitation schedule, arrangements for communication, or how major decisions will be made. The entire plan serves to enforce strengthening the relationships of child with both the custodial and non-custodial parent.

Please note that parenting plans can also be modified post-divorce if one parent refuses to comply with the terms laid out in the plan. In addition to modifications to the plan, the parent may also seek further mediation and counseling.