If you reside in Columbia, MD and are considering filing for a divorce, you should know that you can have legal counsel from the very best divorce attorneys in Howard County on your side. Baumohl Hamburg is recognized as a leading Columbia MD family law firm specializing in all aspects of marriage dissolution, including high-net worth divorce cases. Our attorneys are highly skilled at divorce proceedings, alimony, high-assets property division, child custody, pre-nuptial agreements, appeals and domestic violence cases. We understand that getting a divorce is emotionally charged for the whole family, which is why we will handle your case with special care and deep compassion.

With more than 75 years of combined experience, Baumohl Hamburg attorneys will masterfully protect your interests and support you throughout these challenging times with patience and fearless advocacy. With thorough understanding of the local court system in Maryland, our highly skilled lawyers will fight for your rights and make sure your divorce case is as quick and as smooth as possible. By hiring us, you will save money, time, and needless confrontations. Get in touch with us via our contact page or give us a call at (443) 940-2000 to arrange an initial consultation. We serve clients in Columbia, MD and the entire Howard County.

Our Divorce Legal Services

Baumohl Hamburg is one of the most respectable divorce and family law firms in Columbia, MD providing legal counsel and representation to clients involved in marriage dissolution disputes. With our assistance and knowledge, we can guide you through the whole process and help you make a more positive new beginning.


The attorneys at Baumohl Hamburg will do everything in their power to make the divorce as effortless as possible. We have extensive experience with courts in and around Howard County, and we are familiar with the local legal system. Our team will work closely with you through every stage of your marriage dissolution, including high-value asset divorces, and domestic violence situations.

Alimony (Spousal Support)

Our attorneys can also assist clients in obtaining court-ordered alimony, or spousal support, which is meant to provide financial support for the former spouse. Alimony helps in becoming financially independent and stable after the marriage has ended. If you need assistance with alimony, do not hesitate to contact us.

Child Custody And Visitation Rights

Child custody issues are emotionally charged and challenging for the entire family. We, at Baumohl Hamburg, prioritize children’s well-being and ensure that the case is handled with special care and delicacy. We can help settle all child custody issues including negotiations, mediations, drafting agreements for legal and physical custody, modifications, visitation schedules, non-compliance, and so on.

Child Support

Ideally, divorced parents reach a mutual agreement for child support. However, when they are unable to come to an agreement, that’s where our divorce lawyer can help. In these sensitive matters, we will provide personalized attention to your case and safeguard your and your children’s rights. We work passionately to achieve the best outcomes.

Marital Property Division

When you choose our divorce attorneys, you can rest assured that we will come up with a property division plan that works best for you, as we are here to shield your interests. Marital property distribution is one of our practice areas. Over the years, we have handled numerous property settlements by passionately fighting for equitable plans, with a special focus on high-asset divorce cases in Columbia, MD.

Domestic Agreements

You can also turn to us if you need legal assistance with drafting domestic negotiating agreements. We can help draft a prenuptial agreement that will protect your individual interests and a more equitable marriage. In addition, we can aid you in creating in-depth and enforceable separation and postnuptial agreements.

Family Law Appeals

Baumohl Hamburg LLC has been helping clients get through stressful divorce cases for a long time. One of the areas we excel at is appealing the Court. Rest assured, we will effectively and successfully represent you in appeal cases, whether it is divorce, child custody, child support or alimony dispute. We can help you defend a positive court decision or appeal against an unfavorable ruling.

Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse or domestic violence is defined as abuse in marriage or other domestic setting. Bearing in mind how difficult and emotional these cases can get, our lawyers provide empathetic but strong advocacy for the victims seeking orders of protection. With sympathy and understanding, we guide the victims through the legal system and help them file charges and obtain restraining or peace orders.

Divorce Lawyer Fees In Columbia, MD

Since every marriage dissolution case is different, there is no way to calculate the exact fee in advance. The fees are based on a particular individual case and the experience of the attorney representing you. We, at Baumohl Hamburg, have set an hourly rate which varies based on how complicated your case is and the attorney’s reputation. Hourly rates span from paralegals’ to senior lawyers’ services.

It is advisable to discuss attorney fees and expenses before engaging in legal representation. Make sure you fully comprehend the scope of services included in the rate, so that you are completely clear of what to expect at the given price. Use your initial consultation to discuss the charges. For more information on our divorce lawyer fees, feel free to contact us.

Why Choose Us To Advocate For Your Rights In Divorce Dispute

We are a boutique family law firm servicing Columbia and the entire Howard County. Over the years, we have built a rock-solid reputation, known for divorce law advice driven by experience, not emotions.

  • More than 75 years of combined experience
  • 100% client-focused company culture
  • Skilled negotiators and accomplished litigators
  • Boutique law firm specializing in divorce and family law
  • Reputable and acclaimed company in the local community
  • Proven track record of successful divorce cases
  • Proficiency in high net-worth divorces in Howard County
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Columbia Divorce Attorneys: Meet Our Team

Baumohl Hamburg has an amazing team of some of the best and brightest divorce attorneys, mediators and paralegals in the state of Maryland. Read more about our team members here:

Reviews: Find Out Why Clients Call Us Compassionate Court Room Warriors

Michael Hamburg is a great attorney and someone that you would definitely want on your team. He’s very intelligent, experienced, knowledgeable, confident, honest, personable, punctual, a true professional, and is a warrior in the courtroom. His work ethic is impeccable, and he goes above and beyond for his clients more than what most attorneys would go. Mike Hamburg helped me with my divorce case and also my child custody cases. He helped me with numerous other cases as well, and we were always victorious… Always! Mike Hamburg always treated my cases as if they were his top priority, and explained things in a clear and concise manner. Jodie Sykes Hamburg is a great asset to have on your team as well. They work awesomely together. I am grateful and thankful to have worked with Mike and Jodie and would not ever think of going into a court battle without them.

Hannibal Otey

Columbia, MD High Asset-Divorce Lawyers

A high-asset divorce, or a high net-worth divorce, is usually worth over $1 million dollars. These types of cases are specific by nature as they involve out-of-the-ordinary challenges that require comprehensive expertise and exceptionally fierce and smart advocacy.

Significant assets, closely-held businesses and real estate properties are typically part of property distribution in a marriage dissolution of high-net couples. Baumohl Hamburg divorce attorneys have the necessary skills, knowledge, influence and power to handle even the most intricate high-asset divorce cases. Over the years, our team has successfully handled a diverse range of high-net-worth cases.

The following aspects are taken into consideration in high-asset divorces:

  • Property and assets assessment
  • The distribution of the property
  • Alimony (child and spousal support)
  • Tax deductions
  • Discretion of high profiles

Our law firm strives to fiercely protect our client’s interests, assets, and well-being throughout the process. With lots of expertise in a local Columbia setting, we will use our influence and trustworthy connections, including top-notch financial experts, to secure you a fair and favorable asset distribution. We are meticulously diligent about unearthing hidden assets, evaluating tax implications, and alimony negotiations. By utilizing our excellent negotiating skills, you will get to enjoy a positive outcome and financial stability following the divorce.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We typically reply within 24 hours!


What Is the Difference Between an Uncontested And Contested Divorce?

  • Uncontested divorce, or amicable divorce, is one where both parties agree on all issues of divorce. Although an amicable divorce can be reached without the help of a mediator or an attorney, sometimes it may be hard for the parties to agree on essential issues such as alimony or asset distribution without the help of the third party. By hiring a divorce attorney, you will be able to reach an agreement faster, thus, avoiding the costs of a trial.
  • Contested divorce happens when the parties cannot agree on all the issues. The case is then brought to court, where a judge will make the ruling. Contested divorce case is significantly more expensive and longer than an amicable divorce.

How To File For Divorce In Columbia, MD

Couples seeking to file a marriage dissolution in Columbia, MD will have to go through the following stages:

Obtaining Legal Representation

The first thing you should do is find the right lawyer from your jurisdiction to advocate for your best interests. By having professional assistance, you will get to understand all the complexities better, and confidently move through all the steps, knowing what is next ahead.

Filing for Divorce

The next step is filing for divorce. The documentation will include essential information such as the grounds for the divorce and the details about child custody, child and spousal support, and property distribution. Our lawyer will file the necessary documentation with the court in the county where you or your partner reside.

Service of Process

This is a procedure where the other party is either mailed or served with copies of the documents filed.

Complaint Response

Once the other party is given copies of the documents, there is a notice time of 30 to 90 days to respond. The response can be either by signing the served paperwork, or by a counterclaim, with the new terms considering the necessities like child custody, alimony, or asset division.

Negotiating The Settlement

If both parties can mutually agree on the terms of the divorce, then a settlement negation will commence, with the help of the lawyer.

Attending The Court Hearings

If the spouses are unable to come to terms, then the case will be moved to court, where both spouses will be given an opportunity to present their side. They will also have a chance to present evidence and listen to witness statements. The final decision a judge makes will be based on all the presented factors.

What Are The Different Types Of Divorce In Maryland?

In the state of Maryland, there are two different types of divorce: an absolute divorce and a limited divorce. An absolute divorce legally ends your marriage, and once it is completed, you are allowed to remarry. A limited divorce, on the other hand, does not end your marriage legally. The documents for the limited divorce are filed in case you need the court’s help to resolve certain issues (such as alimony, or child custody). Once these issues have been resolved with the court, you will be eligible for an absolute divorce.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the legal grounds for divorce in Howard County?

We will take a look at the legal grounds for both types of divorce in the state of Maryland. Legal grounds for limited divorce are separation, cruelty, excessively vicious conduct, and desertion. Legal grounds for absolute divorce are mutual consent, adultery, imprisonment for a crime, and insanity.

How can I avoid going to court?

If you want to avoid going to court, the best way is to hire a professional mediator who will help you and your spouse reach a mutual agreement. The mediator will act as a neutral third party and will support you in coming to a mutual uncontested divorce agreement.

How can I reduce the cost of the divorce in Howard County?

The overall cost of the divorce can be quite high, however, there are ways to lower the charges, and these include:

  • Avoiding the court (by reaching a mutual agreement)
  • Avoiding appraisals (by agreeing on the value of marital assets)
  • Organizing your documentation (the lawyer spends less time processing)
  • Clear and concise communication with your lawyer via email (saves attorney’s time)

How is the final cost of the divorce calculated in Maryland?

Since no two divorce disputes are the same, the total cost will also vary, based on your specific circumstances. Typically, a contested divorce, where spouses cannot come to terms regarding the essential factors, will cost more than uncontested divorce. Some of the things that will determine the final cost are:

  • Attorney rate
  • Mediation fee
  • Court fees
  • Property appraisal
  • Other expenses (psychiatric evaluations, counseling, or parent education classes)

It is also worth noting that you will have expenses not specifically related to legal issues. These include starting a new home, replacing items that do not belong to you anymore, therapy, moving and packing, and so on.

How do I get a divorce if I am the victim of domestic violence in Columbia, MD?

According to Maryland’s law, domestic violence involves acts such as bodily harm, assault, rape and rape attempts, sexual offense (and attempts), false imprisonment (kidnapping), stalking, or child abuse.

In Columbia, MD, spouses filing for an absolute divorce typically must be separated for a mandatory one year waiting period before they can file their complaint. But, in cases of domestic violence, you are allowed to skip this obligatory separation period.

Furthermore, if you are concerned about your safety, you can seek a protective order or peace order. These orders prevent your abuser from continuing the abusive behavior. You can seek them any time, even before you file the divorce papers.

Baumohl Hamburg: Expert & Compassionate Divorce Counsel in Columbia Maryland

Baumohl Hamburg, a boutique family law firm, is dedicated to legally protecting your rights and your assets in divorce proceedings in Columbia, MD and across Howard County. Our practice area includes divorce, child support, child custody, property division, domestic agreements, and domestic violence. We specialize in the intricacies of high-net divorce cases, with a proven track record of success. In the community, we are recognized as one of the most competent and reliable family law experts. If you would like to arrange initial consultation and case review, give us a call at (443) 940-2000 or send us a message.