Baumohl Hamburg is a Maryland-based divorce and family law team that provides effective representation for all types of family law and divorce cases in Ellicott City, MD. Our skillful and empathetic lawyers are dedicated to protecting clients’ rights, even in the most contested cases. We specialize in a wide range of domestic family matters, such as high-net divorce, child support, child custody, alimony, equitable property settlements, domestic violence, prenuptial agreements, mediation, and powerful court litigation. Divorce is extremely emotional and hard for the family, which is why our family law experts are committed to providing bold and forceful but caring counsel. This way, emotional commotion and worry are minimized, and you will confidently be waiting for the positive resolution of your case.

Over time, Baumohl Hamburg divorce attorneys have earned a solid standing among the clients by delivering favorable rulings to clients. As an honorable boutique-style law office, our advisory is fully individualized, and we approach each client at a personal level. We will engage our broad legal skills to defend your rights firmly and forcefully and to pave a strong foundation for a better future for your family. If you have inquiries or want to schedule an initial meeting, you can get in touch by phone at (443) 940-2000 or complete our convenient online contact form.

Family Law & Divorce Attorney in Ellicott City MD

Family Law Focus Areas

Family law encompasses a broad section of law dealing with family relationship matters. From high-asset divorce to alimony and child custody, Baumohl Hamburg’s attorneys are immensely adroit at handling complex disputes, that can cause emotional turmoil in those who are involved. Our goal is not only to offer fearless counsel but also to provide emotional support and empathy while securing you beneficial outcomes. Below, you can discover more about our areas of expertise.

High-Net Worth Divorce Cases

Most of the time, high-net worth divorce cases are exceptionally contested since they are usually exceedingly sophisticated and overwhelming. Marital property is typically worth over $1 million dollars, and it includes considerably more assets than the conventional marriage. In a high-asset marriage, marital property includes real estate properties, vehicles, family businesses, investment funds, pension funds, stocks, debts, and so on. Since the stakes are so high, it is essential to hire a knowledgeable, fierce divorce lawyer who will faithfully and strongly defend your assets and your interests. Our divorce attorneys are esteemed for fearless and zealous advocacy, court litigation and winning high-asset divorce cases. Hire our skilled advocates to investigate marital assets and income sources in-depth by leveraging vital resources and assistance from professional financial advisors. We are sincerely dedicated to ensuring you do not end up lacking anything that justly belongs to you.

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Divorce Attorney Ellicott City MD

Divorce process can be very difficult at times, regardless of how long you have been married or who initiated the process. Most importantly, in order to protect your rights, and to be able to move confidently into the next stage of your life, you will need to hire a proficient lawyer who will ensure your rights are fully protected and you don’t get taken advantage of. Baumohl Hamburg team has the necessary expertise and knowledge to represent you in all types of contested divorce, uncontested divorce, litigated divorce, mediation. In addition, we are genuinely dedicated to being compassionate while defending your family’s rights with powerful assertive advocacy.

Child custody

When it comes to family law, child custody represents one of the most problematic and complex disputes. This area of law deals with which parent gets awarded custody of the child/children, and for how long. The law in the state of Maryland requires that the matters of child custody are resolved before the marriage is officially ended. Bearing in mind that child custody issues can get exceptionally overpowering and delicate for each family member, particularly for the children, it is strongly recommended that you acquire a sharp child custody attorney who will expedite the procedure and ensure the best interests of a child are prioritized. Our tenacious lawyers will resolutely fight for your parental rights until a positive ruling is reached. Our child custody services cover all aspects of this family law field, including joint custody, sole custody, high-asset divorce child custody, legal custody, physical custody, visitation rights, child custody litigation, as well as child custody appeals and modifications.


Alimony, also known as spousal support  or maintenance, is a monthly financial payment that one spouse has to pay to the other during and/or after divorce. The precise amount of alimony is determined according to contracts that have been reached outside the court (prenuptials), or according to the judge’s ruling. The judge will determine the amount of spousal support on the basis of various elements, including the length of marriage, spousal income, living expenses, self-support abilities, age, health, and similar.

Divorce attorneys at Baumohl Hamburg are fully aware that alimony matters can get extremely tricky and frustrating, which is why we will help expedite the proceedings while acquiring positive resolutions in these hard times. Do not hesitate to contact us for skillful legal representation in matters of high-net worth divorce alimony, rehabilitative alimony, temporary (pendente lite) alimony, and permanent (indefinite) alimony.

Marital property division

Marital property includes all the assets that the couple has acquired during the course of marriage, which includes real estate, businesses, retirement funds, debts, etc. If you are in Ellicott City and are facing a divorce, you have to settle the matters of asset distribution prior to becoming officially divorced. The law gives you a chance to reach an agreement regarding property division outside the courtroom. In case you cannot reach an amicable agreement outside the court, your dispute will be taken to the judge.   Maryland is known as ‘equitable state’, meaning marital property distribution will be divided equitably, and not equally. The judge will disperse the assets in a way that will be fair and just for both spouses. Some of the determining factors involve income, real estate ownership, the needs of custodial parent, age, health condition, child support, and alimony. Baumohl Hamburg marital property lawyers guarantee passionate and tenacious legal advocacy in cases involving marital property analysis, dispersion of vehicles, pinpointing hidden assets, real estate allocation, investment funds division, family businesses distribution, etc.

Child support

The law in Maryland says that every parent has to provide for the child. Generally, after the divorce, one parent gets the custody of the child (custodial parent) and the other is a non-custodial parent who is obligated to provide financial assistance child support, also known as maintenance or financial assistance. It is meant to preserve consistent standard of living for the child after the divorce. Child support is a monthly payment that is applied towards the costs of accommodation, food, clothing, school tuition, medical bills, entertainment, and so on. The amount of maintenance is determined either on parental plan, domestic agreements, or court ordered. In case you are facing a child support issue, contact Baumohl Hamburg lawyers who will fiercely advocate for the wellbeing of your child in child support, modifications of child support, and child support in high-net worth divorce cases.

Domestic agreements

Domestic agreements (separation agreements, and post-nuptial agreements) are contracts that contain the terms of the relationship between the spouses. They generally includes rights, obligations, details on marital property division, etc. Safeguard your assets and your interests with the help of acclaimed domestic agreement attorneys from Baumohl Hamburg who are highly experienced in drafting, negotiating, and enforcing all types of domestic agreements.

Domestic violence

Domestic violence is any type of abusive behavior towards a family or household member. Domestic abuse takes different forms and includes all types of violent behavior (physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, financial) coercing, manipulation, stalking, harassment, intimidating, and so on. If you are seeking legal counsel for a domestic violence case, you can count on us to empathetically and discreetly file charges, request protective orders, obtain restraining orders, and acquire peace orders.

Additional Family Law Practices

During the years, Baumohl Hamburg lawyers have competently helped clients across Howard County with other practices:

  • Appeals to the Appellate Court (Notice of Appeal, order transcript, briefs)
  • Petitions/motions to modify child custody and child support
  • Mediation
  • Adoption (public agency adoption, private agency adoption, independent adoption)

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Nothing but great things to say about Harry! I have had the pleasure of working with this firm over the years and the attorneys/staff at Baumohl/Hamburg LLC are the epitome of professionals. Highly experienced and knowledgeable lawyers who I would highly recommend. Would use them for any matter that needed professional handling.

Austen Cohen

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If you are facing a family law case, you want to make sure your attorney is not only experienced, but also dedicated, compassionate, and reliable. You want representation from someone who will passionately fight for your future and your rights. Our lawyers are esteemed for putting forth genuine efforts and top-tier legal counsel. Don’t miss an opportunity to be represented by knowledgeable, responsive, and efficient advocates.

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Legal issues that involve family issues are typically very emotional and difficult for everyone involved, which is why you should find an advocate who will represent you in the best possible way. Baumohl Hamburg enjoys a stellar reputation of delivering top-tier legal counsel and litigation. Don’t leave your legal case at chance. Call us and ensure safety, protection, and an easy transition into a new and better life. Call us at (443) 940-2000 to schedule a consultation with our team.



1.      Who has to move out during the divorce?

According to law in Maryland, neither of the parties are required to move out during the divorce, unless the circumstances are specific (domestic violence, criminal acts, etc.). However, even though no one is obligated to leave the house, it might be a good idea to have some time separated, to clear the mind and have an uninterrupted thought process.


2.      How can I modify child support in Maryland?

In Maryland, the process of modification of child support (or child custody) involves two-steps. The first step is providing proof of material changes in the circumstances. It is always the party who seeks modification that has to provide the proof. The next step involves the court ruling the decision that is in the best interest of a child. If you need assistance with bringing forward or defending your modification case, contact our office directly.


3.      Are prenuptial and postnuptial agreements only for the high-profile individuals?

Even though domestic agreements are typically associated with high-income individuals, anyone can enter into a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. No matter what the worth of your assets is, or what your income is, it is essential to shield and preserve what belongs to you after the marriage has ended.


4.      What are the Maryland divorce changes as of 2023?

As of October 2023, there is only type of divorce (also known as ‘absolute divorce’) in Maryland. Limited divorce no longer exists. There have been modifications to grounds for the divorce, too. Currently the grounds are mutual consent, irreconcilable differences, and 6-month separation.
Mutual consent means that the spouses must agree on relevant matters and sign a mutual agreement which outlines all the important things such as child support, alimony, child custody, property division, etc. Irreconcilable differences means that one of the spouses cannot remain married because mutual agreement is not possible. 6-month separation means that you can file for divorce after 6 months after pursuing separate life. You do not necessarily have to live in separate households. For more information, visit Maryland Courts website or speak to our lawyers.


5.      How are visitation rights determined?

Visitation rights are determined either by parenting plan or by court, and they are usually a fixed schedule (specific number of days in week or month). For example, a child is scheduled to spend every weekend with the non-custodial parent. Some non-custodial parents will only be allowed to see the child with supervision from custodial parent, other adults, or a third party professional. When deciding on the terms of visitation rights, the court weighs in things like personality, reputation, work schedule, child’s wishes, fitness, and so on.