Family law cases, including the uncontested ones, can be quite a burdensome and unpleasant process to bear. This is why you should have invincible divorce attorneys on your side, like Baumohl Hamburg. Our law office provides comprehensive services to residents of Clarksville and the surrounding areas who are dealing with family law matters. Our team of top-rated divorce lawyers has a proven track record of effective legal counsel in cases of high-net worth divorce, contested divorce, uncontested divorce, child support, alimony, child custody, marital property division, etc. We are genuinely committed to guarding your interests inside and outside the courtroom so that you don’t have to worry or stress about the future of your family. With us, you will smoothly move forward with your life.

If you are in Clarksville and need fierce legal representation to resolve family issues, turn to us. With valuable experience of more than 75 years combined, we have what it takes to win your case. Don’t miss an opportunity to utilize our expertise and ensure positive outcomes, and to have your best interests defended by the acclaimed family law attorneys serving Baltimore County. For questions, or to book an initial consultation, feel free to reach out to us by phone at (443) 940-2000 or send us a message via our online contact form.

Clarksville MD Family Law Attorney

Family Law Practice Areas

Family law is a section of law that covers legal issues concerned with relationships, rights, and obligations within a family. Cases dealing with issues such as divorce, alimony or child custody, are profoundly personal, which is why you have to make it a priority to find a lawyer who is an expert in the field and who will provide emotional support along the way.

Our divorce attorneys are accomplished in negotiation, mediation, and litigation, and are able to identify exact courses that need to be followed in order to obtain positive outcomes. What is even more important, we are well-equipped to anticipate potential complications that may occur along the way. By completely understanding the dynamics of the case, both you and your family member will have less emotional stress and less worries during the proceedings. You will have confidence that our lawyers are fearless and irreplaceable in protecting your interests.

High-Assets Divorce Cases

Marital property in a high-net worth case is usually worth over $1 million dollars in net liquid assets. It can include assets of value like real estate, vehicles, personal property, household goods, bank accounts, pension funds, businesses, etc. As in any other conventional marriage dissolution, marital property has to be divided before the divorce is legally official. Unless you and your spouse reach an agreement outside the court, marital property will be divided equitably.

High-asset couples have to take particular care when picking their divorce attorney, because these types of divorce cases involve large sums of money, intricate financials, sophisticated tax issues, and multiple businesses. With the stakes so high, it is imperative that you find an experienced attorney who also collaborates with financial professionals in order to identify potential hidden assets, that are often not disclosed in cases like these. Baumohl Hamburg lawyers are fierce advocates in marital property distribution disputes. With immeasurable expertise and a fearless approach we will make sure your rights are defended and you are not deprived of anything.

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Divorce Attorneys in Clarksville

Getting a divorce can be very difficult, as emotions run high and the myriad of legal proceedings can get overwhelming. During this hard time, it is essential to find a divorce attorney who will resonate with you on an emotional level and offer you support and understanding, along with legal expertise. Baumohl Hamburg divorce lawyers have the essential proficiency and practice to advocate for your best interests in contested divorce, uncontested divorce, litigated divorce, and mediation. Furthermore, we are sincerely committed and dedicated to being considerate and caring throughout the entire process.

Child support

In the state of Maryland, the majority of child support cases are handled by applying guidelines written in Maryland law. By following these guidelines, the court ensures you and the other parent have enough financial resources to provide for the child/children.

At the Baumohl Hamburg law firm, our family law experts will work closely with you to secure proper calculations. In certain instances, when deciding on child support, it is even possible to diverge from the set guidelines. In cases like these we present the judge with the relevant information necessary to determine proper maintenance amount. We are fierce and zealous litigators who will strive to resolve your case as cordially as possible, but will strongly fight for the best interests of your children and yourself.


Alimony, also known as spousal support or maintenance, is financial assistance paid monthly by one spouse to the other, to help them keep the same living standards even after the marriage has been dissolved. In case an amicable result cannot be reached outside the courtroom, the alimony dispute is taken to the courtroom. The judge will take into consideration things like the ability to self-support, time needed to become self-supporting, mental health, physical health, etc. Lots of these elements are left for judge’s interpretation. In case your divorce goes to court, our lawyer will advocate for your interests and rights, and present evidence needed to give you the best possible outcome, with proper duration and amount of spousal support. Feel free to reach out to us for proficient legal advocacy in disputes involving high-net worth divorce alimony, rehabilitative alimony, temporary alimony, and permanent (indefinite) alimony.

Child custody

Matters of child custody and visitation rights can quickly become overwhelming and cause emotional turmoil among family members. If the couple cannot come to an agreement outside the court, the judge will determine the terms of child custody. Lots of factors will be taken into account, such as parent’s health, abilities, child’s preferences, child’s age, and so on.

Child custody attorneys at Baumohl Hamburg work diligently and passionately to acquire set goals and favorable results for our clients. With understanding and care, we will provide guidance through your child custody case. Lead by years of practice and knowledge of Maryland family law, we guide the clients through mediation, negotiation, law proceedings, and courtroom litigation. We prioritize a child’s best interests, and our main goal is to ensure your needs are met. Our child custody services include matters of joint custody, sole custody, high-asset divorce child custody, physical custody, legal custody, child custody litigation, visitation rights, child custody appeals and child custody modifications.

Marital property distribution

Before you become officially divorced from your partner, you need to agree on how marital property will be divided. Marital property includes all the assets that have been acquired during the course of marriage, such as real estate properties, vehicles, bank accounts (brokerage, investment, retirement, stock funds), intellectual property rights, personal property, collections, etc. Since Maryland is an equitable state, which means that the property in a way that is fair and just towards both parties. When making the decision, the judge will take into consideration family contributions, financial circumstances, duration of marriage, age, and so on.

Marital property distribution can be difficult and complex, particularly when there are problems with proving whether certain assets are marital or non-marital. Regardless of what your dispute is about, reach out to us. The lawyers of Baumohl Hamburg are able to help you accomplish rulings that work in your best interests. We guarantee strong and tenacious counsel and assistance with marital property analysis, vehicles allocation, hidden assets identification, real estate properties distribution, investment funds division, family businesses division, etc.

Domestic agreements

Domestic agreements are legally binding agreements between two parties who wish to set the terms of their relationship or marriage. Domestic agreements are prenuptial agreements, separation agreements, and post-nuptial agreements, and they typically contain rights, responsibilities, obligations, marital property details, and similar terms. If you are seeking assistance with domestic agreements, do not hesitate to turn to us. We will help you draft, negotiate, and enforce a perfect domestic agreement which will provide clarity, safety, and confidence.

Domestic agreements

Domestic agreements are legally binding agreements between two parties who wish to set the terms of their relationship or marriage. Domestic agreements are prenuptial agreements, separation agreements, and post-nuptial agreements, and they typically contain rights, responsibilities, obligations, marital property details, and similar terms. If you are seeking assistance with domestic agreements, do not hesitate to turn to us. We will help you draft, negotiate, and enforce a perfect domestic agreement which will provide clarity, safety, and confidence.

Domestic violence

Domestic violence is abusive behavior against a family member. Domestic abuse manifests as exerting power and control over family or household members. It involves various kinds of abusive behavior (sexual, economic, physical, mental, emotional, psychological), manipulation, coercing, stalking, male privilege, isolation, threats, harassment, intimidating, and similar violent behaviors. Baumohl Hamburg skilled attorneys offer services for domestic violence victims by filing charges, requesting protective orders, acquiring restraining orders, and obtaining peace orders.

Additional Areas Of Our Expertise

Other law practices that we focus on include:

  • Appellate Court and Appeals (Notice of Appeal, order transcript, briefs)
  • Petitions and motions for child custody and child support modifications
  • Mediation
  • Adoption (public agency adoption, private agency adoption, independent adoption)

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Here From Those We’ve Helped

Mike Hamburg and Jodie supported me through a two year custody and divorce battle with my narcissistic ex while living across the country. We didn’t actually physically meet until we were 6 months into the case. Incredible. Mike is knowledgeable and Jodie is intuitive. They are a strong team who work together seamlessly. They helped me win my daughters and my freedom after two long days in court and two long years preparing. I have stayed in touch with Jodie and Mike for over ten years now which is a testament to them. They really got to know me. They took time to handle my case with legal grit while holding my hand at the same time. I value them and what they were able to do for me. I highly recommend the Baumohl Hamburg Law Firm to lead you through divorce and custody battles.

Jodi Fitzgerald

Why Hire Baumohl Hamburg Divorce Attorneys

Baumohl Hamburg is a boutique-style law firm unlike any other. Our attorneys understand that every family is extraordinary so we work closely with clients to design foolproof strategies and the right path that will work best for their situation.

Furthermore, we realize that going through a divorce can be intense and unbearable, which is why we offer unparalleled compassion and emotional support throughout the process. Preserving peace of mind during the divorce proceeding is vital for your and your family’s wellbeing.

When you become our client, you will get to enjoy the following perks:

  • 75+ years of collective family law practice
  • Demonstrated expertise in family law counsel
  • Specializing in high-net worth divorces
  • Promoting strict confidentiality and discretion approach
  • Members of Maryland State Bar Association, American Bar Association, Baltimore Collaborative Divorce Professionals, and Baltimore County Bar Association

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We prioritize designing effective legal solutions that are customized to your specific requirements. We are dedicated to fully comprehending your worries, concerns, and best interests while offering genuine emotional support and care. Our team truly believes that each client and each case is entitled to our undivided attention and time. Baumohl Hamburg lawyers take time to form strong bonds with every client in order to better resonate with them and to better understand what their needs and requirements regarding family law or divorce disputes are. If you wish to hire reputable and fierce divorce attorneys, give us a call at (443) 940-2000.

Got Questions About Maryland’s Family Law? We’ve Got Answers!


1.      How does the court in Maryland decide whether the custody will be joint or not?

When deciding whether joint custody is in best interest of the child, the judge will weigh in the following:  parents’ willingness for joint custody arrangement, psychological fitness, health, child-parent relationship, proximity of the parents’ homes, children’s age, financial status of parents, and other factors.


2.      If I acquired a property titled in my name during the marriage, is it considered marital or non-marital?

Even the properties that are titled in your own name may be considered marital if they are obtained during the course of marriage. Leave the guesswork out of the equation and hire us to help you with property evaluation and counsel you on how it will be allocated after the divorce.


3.      What are the grounds for divorce in Maryland?

Starting October 2023, the grounds for divorce include mutual consent, irreconcilable differences, and a 6-month separation.


4.      Can I modify child support ruling?

According to law, you can modify child support based on altered economic conditions, while keeping a child’s best interests in mind. There are, however, certain steps you must take before the modifications are enforced. They do not happen automatically. To begin with, one of the parents has to file a motion (a formal request) to a court to modify child support. You can find the necessary court forms on the Maryland Courts website.


5.      What can I include in a prenuptial?

Every prenuptial agreement is different and is drafted on a case-to-case basis. Prenuptials typically contain conditions of marital property division, self-supporting abilities, alimony matters, business interests, obligations after divorce, financial responsibilities after marriage, inheritance and ownership rights, and so on. The list is quite extensive and it is always a good idea to consult with a lawyer who will advise you regarding what should be covered in a prenuptial.