Divorce is one of the most significant, life-changing events that should be treated seriously since it shapes your family’s future for the years ahead. If you are in Reisterstown, MD and are considering getting divorced, your first step should be consulting with an experienced divorce attorney. Baumohl Hamburg is a respectable, award-winning Maryland family law firm firm that specializes in all aspects of family law and divorce, including high-net worth divorce, child custody decisions, assets division, child visitation rights, prenuptial agreements, child support, alimony, mediation, negotiation, and litigation. With fierce passion, dedication, compassion, and knowledge, we protect your interest and achieve your goals, by amicable negotiation and skillful court litigation.

Baumohl Hamburg divorce lawyers and family law experts have a combined experience of 75+ years. Over the years we have earned the highest ratings from our clients, our colleagues, and judiciary. As an award-winning family law firm that provides one-on-one attention to each client, we work hard to achieve the best outcomes, inside and outside the courtroom. Whether you need professional legal counsel with uncontested divorce, contested (litigated) divorce, or high-asset divorce, we have the resources and expertise to defend your rights and ensure you are not deprived of anything you are entitled to so you can move on with your life confidently. Contact top-trusted divorce attorneys in Reisterstown, MD at (443) 940-2000 or complete the form to schedule a consultation.

Reisterstown Family Law and Divorce Attorney

High-Net Worth Divorce Attorney In Reisterstown

Marriage dissolution that involves high-profile individuals is typically contested, which means that it is extremely complex, overpowering, and time-consuming. Marital assets that have to be divided between the spouses are usually worth more than $1 million dollars, and they include real estate, vehicles, family businesses, stocks, investment funds, pension, debts, etc. This is the reason why it is essential to hire a lawyer who will passionately protect your rights and help you achieve a favorable divorce settlement. Baumohl Hamburg attorneys have a proven track record and strong reputation in handling and winning high-net-worth divorce cases. Financial intricacies will be best settled with the assistance of our proficient advocates who have the resources to fully investigate your marital assets and income sources.

Our team will fearlessly fight to protect your rights and your hard-earned money throughout the proceedings. Our strategies involve utilizing various field experts to assist with resolving asset distribution issues, alimony disagreements, child support matters, child custody disputes, evaluation of marital property, prenuptial agreement (enforcing or challenging), and revealing hidden assets. We are committed to ensuring you are not deprived of any property that rightfully belongs to you. Get in touch with us today to start paving the road to a successful outcome.

Family Law Practice Areas We Handle

With a broad legal background and significant proficiency in marital matters, Baumohl Hamburg team of legal representatives has a proven track record of winning divorce cases and accomplishing top results. We can provide assistance for all areas of your divorce case, including the property allocation, child custody, child support, and alimony agreements. Divorce is difficult even without the legal issues, and you should not face it alone. We are here to help you every step of the way.


Whether you are planning to file for divorce, or have been served papers by your spouse, you will need to hire an accomplished attorney who is well-versed in enforcing effective and powerful strategies that include strong negotiation, mediation, and litigation skills. A legal expert on your side will make sure you don’t get taken advantage of and also that your rights are fully protected. Baumohl Hamburg team can assist you with all types of divorce (contested and uncontested), litigated divorce, divorce mediation, and high-assets divorce, regardless of the grounds it is based on (mutual consent, irreconcilable differences, or a 6-month separation period). Furthermore, we are highly committed to offering emotional support while protecting your family with fierce and assertive advocacy.

Child custody

One of the biggest challenges the couples face during the divorce process is certainly which parent gets awarded child custody and for how long. In order to comply with the law in the state of Maryland, these matters have to be resolved prior to marriage being officially dissolved. It is a well-known fact that child custody disputes can get extremely emotional and sensitive for everyone involved, especially for the kids, which is why you should get legal counsel from seasoned attorneys who will prioritize the best interests of a child/children and see that the process is expedited as much as possible. Baumohl Hamburg lawyers will fight for your parental rights and ensure you are awarded what you deserve. Our services include representation in matters regarding sole custody, joint custody, legal custody, physical custody, high-asset divorce child custody, parental visitation rights, child custody litigation, efficient negotiation, evidence gathering, and appeals/modifications.

Child support

Under the law in Maryland, each parent is obligated to provide for his or her children. After the marriage has been legally finalized, typically one parent gets awarded primary custody of a child, and the other, non-custodial parent, is responsible for paying child support. Child support, also known as maintenance, is financial support that serves to help maintain the same living standards for the child even after the divorce. Child support payment is used to help pay for the living expenses such as food, clothing, education, medical bills, after-school activities, entertainment, etc. The exact monthly amount is based on parenting plans, domestic agreements,  Maryland Child Support Administration (CSA) Guidelines, or on court orders. If you are involved in such a dispute, do not hesitate to reach out to Baumohl Hamburg child support attorneys who will fight for your child’s wellbeing in issues regarding child support, modifications of child support, and child support in high-profile cases.


Alimony, or spousal support, is a financial payment awarded from one spouse to another to help support themselves during and/or after divorce. The exact amount can either be based on agreements that are reached outside the courtroom (such as prenuptial contract), or it can be based on the court’s decision. In order to determine the amount of monthly payments, the judge will take into consideration many factors, including income, length of marriage, living expenses, ability to self-support, property division terms, age, health, and so on. At the law offices of Baumohl Hamburg we are aware that spousal support disputes can become quite frustrating and confusing. Regardless of which side you are on, our attorneys are here to obtain fair agreements and help you through these difficult times. We provide legal counsel on high-net worth divorce alimony, rehabilitative alimony, pendente lite (temporary) alimony, and indefinite (permanent) spousal support.

Marital Property Division

In Maryland, couples are given an option to agree on how the assets will be allocated outside the courtroom. If you are unable to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution outside the courtroom, the case will be taken to judge and the court will decide on the terms of marital property distribution. Maryland follows the regulations of equitable division, which means that the assets acquired during marriage will be divided fairly, and not necessarily equally. When determining how to allocate the property, the judge will consider various aspects, like income, real estate, custodial parent’s needs, age, health, child and spousal support. To get powerful counsel and zealous and knowledgeable legal representative who will protect your interests, contact us today. Baumohl Hamburg marital property lawyers specialize in property analysis, identifying hidden assets, vehicles distribution, real estate properties division, investment (stock) allocation, family businesses distribution, and funds division (investments, pension, debts, etc.).

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence, or domestic abuse, is any form of abusive behavior (emotional, physical, sexual, psychological, financial, technological) in any type of intimate relationship, used by one individual to maintain control over other person. This includes intimidating, coercing, injuring, manipulating, and other types of violence. If you are a victim of domestic abuse, contact local authorities or national domestic violence hotline immediately. If you need legal assistance, turn to us, with confidence. Our law offices provide discrete and unprejudiced legal counsel with filing charges, protective orders, restraining orders, and peace orders in domestic violence cases.

Domestic Agreements

Domestic agreement is legally-binding contract between spouses that outlines the terms of relationship. Typically, it contains rights and obligations, details on how the marital property will be divided in case of divorce, property interests of children, and so on. Secure your interests with top-rated domestic agreement attorneys from Baumohl Hamburg who are exceptionally experienced in drafting, negotiating, and enforcing all types of domestic agreements, including prenuptial agreements, separation agreements, and post-nuptial agreements.

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Choosing an attorney in a contentious divorce case is a vital decision that can determine the course of your family’s future life. In order to acquire a positive resolution, you should pick a knowledgeable, honest and confident lawyer. At Baumohl Hamburg law firm, you will find a team of respectable and trustworthy advocates who can help you achieve favorable targets in your family law case. Some of the reasons to choose us involve:

  • 5-star ratings by clients
  • Extensive experience in family law (over 75 years of combined experience)
  • Compassion, care, and understanding
  • Goal-oriented legal strategies
  • Highly personalized approach
  • Notable members of Maryland State Bar Association, American Bar Association, Baltimore Collaborative Divorce Professionals, and Baltimore County Bar Association

Defending Your Rights In Family Law Disputes in Reisterstown, MD

Family law issues are very complex, overwhelming, and multi-faceted matters that typically have a strong impact on families involved. If you are in Reisterstown and need expert legal counsel to resolve issues such as high-net worth divorce, alimony, child custody, or marital property division, turn to Baumohl Hamburg attorneys. We have the valuable knowledge and essential resources to help you accomplish your legal goals with the least amount of uncertainty or worry. Take advantage of our quality legal representation to ensure fair resolution and have your rights protected by the top-rated divorce lawyers in Baltimore County. Call us at (443) 940-2000 to set up a meeting.

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!


1.      How do I know what the amount of child support will be?

In order to determine the amount of child support, you can use The Child Support Administration (CSA) calculator that can give you an estimate of what sum the court may grant. Please note that there are numerous factors that determine child support. It is always advisable to speak to a lawyer should you have questions regarding your and your child’s rights and obligations.



2.      What factors does the court take into consideration when determining the amount of alimony (spousal support)?

The aspects that are looked into include things like: the ability of the individual to self-support, age, health, the grounds of divorce, contributions to family, living standards, income, assets, length of marriage, etc. For more information, visit the official Maryland Courts Divorce page and Asking for Spousal Support or Alimony.


3.      What are the changes to divorce law in Maryland as of October 2023?

On October 1st, 2023, substantial new changes to divorce law went into effect and simplified the divorce process. A complete section of law, called ‘limited divorce’, has been eliminated, and grounds for divorce have been significantly modified. Under the new law, grounds for divorce fall into one of these 3 categories: mutual consent, irreconcilable differences, and 6-month separation period. For more information on these innovative adjustments, read the law MD Code, Family Law, § 7-103.


4.      How do I know if I am eligible for a protective order?

In order to qualify for a protective order, first you have to determine whether your situation meets certain criteria. You qualify for a protective order if you have been a victim of attempted rape of victim of rape or sexual assault in the past 6 months, if you have a specific relation to abuser (marriage, divorce, blood relation, adoption), if you have lived in a sexual relationship for a minimum of 90 days, or if you are a vulnerable adult. Even if you are not eligible for a protective order, you can get a peace order, which protects individuals in relationships not mentioned above and they include neighbors, strangers, and non-sexual relationships. For more information on where to find help, visit Domestic Abuse Help.