Child support issues in Maryland can be quite complex, and it is vital to have an experienced child support attorney to protect your rights with your child’s best interests in mind. Baumohl Hamburg is an esteemed legal firm specializing in handling child support cases. We provide vital and proficient assistance and guidance for clients going through the complexities of this significant legal matter. Our team of skilled lawyers provides strategic and fierce representation personalized to each client’s unique situation. We possess particular expertise in handling complex cases involving significant assets with the utmost discretion and finesse.

With more than 75 years of combined experience, we understand the nuances of child support laws in Maryland and strive to ensure fair calculations for couples going through divorce or separation. We serve Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

Our services include income assessment, determining the amount of child support, agreement negotiation, and court representation. By choosing us, you can expect a highly proficient, dedicated and assertive legal team working towards securing the best possible outcomes for your children.

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What Is Child Support?

Child support is a legal obligation enforcing financial assistance for the living expenses and care of a child or children. Usually, it is paid by a non-custodial parent to the custodial parent when they are separated, divorced, or unmarried. Child support’s purpose is to help cover the costs of the child’s basic needs like housing, food, education, and healthcare. The amount is determined by considering both parents’ income, custody arrangements, alimony, number of children and similar factors.

How Is Child Support Amount Calculated in the State of Maryland?

Child support in Baltimore is calculated using specific guidelines established by Maryland state law. The main factors which are taken into consideration are:

  • the income of both parents
  • the number of children
  • custody arrangement (number of overnights with each parent)
  • health insurance
  • childcare expenses
  • alimony (paid or received)
  • extraordinary medical expenses

These guidelines are designed to provide a fair and consistent approach to child support calculation in Baltimore. The Maryland Child Support Guidelines provide an online child support calculator to determine the estimated amount. If you are struggling with calculation or have trouble negotiating a child support arrangement, Baumohl Hamburg lawyers are ready to help you.

Can Child Support Order be Modified in Maryland?

In many cases, child support orders can be modified if there are significant changes to circumstances that require an order revision. Some of the common circumstances that can present a reason for modification are:

  • Income change
  • Employment status change
  • Changes in child’s needs
  • Living arrangement change
  • Medical treatments expenses

To modify a child support order in Baltimore, a petition must be filed with the court to demonstrate a change from the original circumstances. Representation by a passionate and knowledgeable family law attorney helps present a compelling modification case. Keep in mind that the existing order remains in effect until a new order is issued.

What are the Methods of Child Support Enforcement in Maryland?

When child support obligations are not met, there are various methods available for the enforcement of the order.  Falling behind on child support payments is a serious offense and can cause significant consequences. When a parent does not pay child support regularly in Baltimore, there are several enforcement measures that can be implemented.

For instance:

  • Wage garnishment (child support directly deducted from the noncustodial parent’s wage)
  • Intercepting tax refunds
  • Driver’s license suspension
  • Assets seizure

Having an experienced Baltimore family law lawyer on your side ensures the enforcement process has been followed and the child receives the financial support entitled to.

Common Challenges of High-Net-Worth Child Support Cases in Baltimore, MD

Divorce and separation can be quite overwhelming and stressful, especially if considerable assets were accumulated in the marriage. In Baltimore, child support legal proceedings in a high-net-worth case are commonly managed exactly the same as any other case. However, high net worth cases can be substantially more complex due to all the financial complexities.

For that reason, it is essential to work with a lawyer highly experienced in this area, who will shield you and your family, and who will ensure you do not pay excessive amounts in support.

4 vital areas of child support in a high-net-worth case include:

Income and assets

High net worth cases typically have complex structures of income and assets, involving business ownership, multiple sources of income, a collection of financial investments, or real estate holding companies. Furthermore, it may be required to seek assistance from financial experts to make sure that all income sources are accounted for.

Over the years, Baumohl Hamburg has acquired valuable experience representing clients involved in high-net-worth child support cases in Baltimore. We understand all the complexities of evaluating and managing income and assets in these cases. We strive for accuracy and excellence through our fierce advocacy skills.

Health care and education expenses

Health care and education expenses are usually crucial for high-net-worth child support cases. The court may consider these expenses, and it would be very beneficial to work with experts to settle proper amount of support. Baumohl Hamburg works closely with our clients to collect and present extensive financial information. Our main goal is to make sure the child’s health and education needs are optimally met and accounted for in the child support arrangements.

Standard of living

Maintaining a standard of living can be a crucial aspect in high-net-worth child support cases. Baumohl Hamburg works diligently to preserve the accustomed lifestyle of a child and aggressively advocates for a child’s best interests. We are effective negotiators or litigators and pride ourselves on a wealth of knowledge and expertise in local Maryland laws.

Tax implications

Child support in high-net-worth cases may have substantial tax implications for both custodial and noncustodial parents. Generally, since these cases are so intricate, it is crucial to work with expert legal advisors such as Baumohl Hamburg, who will ensure a fair process and create child support agreements that are favorable and optimal for our clients and the children.

Why Choose Baltimore Child Support Lawyers at Baumohl Hamburg

We are highly regarded for our aggressive advocacy in protecting and asserting our clients’ rights in child support cases.

We are renowned for:

  • Highly personalized and transparent approach
  • Assertive negotiators
  • Vigorously pursuing client’s interests
  • Strong track record of favorable outcomes
  • Relentlessly fighting for our client’s rights
  • Expertise in high-net-worth cases
  • Extensive knowledge of Maryland family laws
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Frequently Asked Questions

When does child support obligation end in the state of Maryland?

Under Maryland’s law, a child should be supported financially until it reaches the age of 18, or 19 (if the child is still in school). Child support can continue beyond these ages for disabled or special needs children.

What are the new changes to child support law in Maryland?

The state of Maryland has recently introduced some changes to its child support law, which may influence the calculation and enforcement of child support. The Child Support Administration (CSA) provides a free child support estimator online, reflecting new enforced changes, and an estimation of the child support amount the court may approve.

How much is the minimal child support in the state of Maryland?

The minimum child support amount in Maryland is calculated based on several factors such as income, the number of children involved, custody arrangements, health insurance costs, and childcare expenses. The exact amount is determined on a case-by-case basis.

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