At Baumohl Hamburg, we are renowned in Baltimore’s legal scene for our mastery of alimony cases within family law. With years of valuable experience, we tirelessly advocate for our clients, ensuring their best interests are protected at all times. From spousal support to asset division, our Baltimore divorce attorneys are highly skilled at navigating all legal intricacies with exceptional precision and commitment. Or dedication to excellence extends beyond legal representation. With a highly personalized approach, we encourage our clients to go through alimony disputes with confidence and peace of mind.

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Alimony Explained: An Overview Of Spousal Support & Financial Obligations in Baltimore

Alimony, also known as spousal support or spousal maintenance, is a vital payment from one partner to the other during or after the divorce. It serves to ensure financial stability, particularly for individuals who are not employed or who earned less during the marriage.

Whether a divorcing spouse (husband or wife) requests or gets awarded alimony by a judge, the need and the amount requested must first be justified. Maryland laws outline the rules, ensuring fairness and support for those in need. Most importantly, it must be requested before the court issues a judgement of absolute divorce, as it cannot be pursued post-divorce.

Alimony Attorney in Baltimore

Complete Legal Services For Alimony Matters In Baltimore

Alimony plays a pivotal role because it guarantees financial stability for the spouses who are moving on from married life. At Baumohl Hamburg, our divorce attorneys understand the profound significance it has in family law. Thus, we are focused on procuring favorable arrangements that reflect our clients’ aspirations for future life.

Navigating the complexities of alimony disputes is crucial during divorce, and our law office is here to assist you throughout the entire process. By utilizing a range of different tools and strategies, we are able to acquire fair and favorable conclusion for you. With our expertise and devotion, we manage to achieve the best possible resolution for you in all aspects of alimony proceedings, including the three main types:

Permanent (indefinite) alimony

This form of spousal maintenance is awarded by judge when the recipient faces challenges such as age or disability, that hinder their ability to become financially independent. Our team works diligently to present a strong case that demonstrates the need for ongoing support and justifies the amount requested. We have a proven track record of obtaining beneficial results for Baltimore residents going through alimony issues.

Rehabilitative alimony

Our legal experts also advocate for rehabilitative alimony, which is designed to provide financial aid for a specific period of time. This enables the recipient spouse to gain education, training, or skills needed to maintain the same living standards after the divorce. We work closely with our clients to create comprehensive strategies that set the path to financial independence and fair and just alimony terms.

Pendente lite alimony

During the marital dissolution process, temporary financial stability is essential. Alimony pendente lite, also known as temporary alimony, provides immediate monetary assistance until the divorce is finalized. Our law firm leverages systematic strategies to negotiate terms that mitigate monetary hardships and set the stage for a smoother transition post-divorce.

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Establishing Conditions Of Alimony Arrangements

Establishing alimony terms and conditions entails determining things such as who pays the spousal maintenance, what the amount is, and how long it will be paid for. The main focus is on determining one spouse’s needs and other spouse’s financial ability to provide. This is where our reputable attorneys step in to lead you through the whole process, leveraging our mastery in advocating for fair and favorable terms.

Our alimony lawyers meticulously assess the circumstances of every case, while diligently working for your best interests. We use powerful negotiation tactics and thorough understanding of family law to reach positive alimony arrangements. Our main goal is to provide effective communication and protection of your needs in court. Furthermore, with our continuous advice, you will be encouraged to make informed decisions about your financial outlook.

When addressing alimony conditions, the court considers a range of factors:

  • Individual needs of both parties (including any minor children & child support arrangements)
  • Financial resources, non-marital property, property they receive after marital property division, debts, etc.
  • Length of marriage
  • Age of the spouses
  • Capability of spouses to meet obligations
  • Whether the spouse who is to be awarded alimony is hindered from working due to children’s needs (in cases when they are awarded physical custody of the children)
  • Standard of living throughout the marriage
  • Contributions made by each spouse during the marriage
  • Current and future earning potential of spouses

What Distinguishes Baumohl Hamburg Alimony Lawyers From Others

Our team of seasoned lawyers goes beyond expertise. We are driven by genuine passion and understanding in delicate matters of family law. We recognize the challenges you face when going through a divorce which is why we are committed to being there for you every step of the way. You are never just a number or just a case to us. To us, you are a unique person with a peculiar story and a multitude of aspirations and concerns. Our motivation comes not only from legal proficiency but also from a true desire to positively impact our clients’ lives. You can rely on us to listen carefully, offer educated guidance, and take decisive action when needed.

Some of the reasons spouses from the Baltimore area choose us to represent them in their family law disputes are:

  • 75+ years of combined experience & established reputation
  • Boutique-style family law firm with 100% client-centric approach
  • Proven track record of success
  • Specialization in high net worth alimony & divorce
  • Utmost discretion maintained at all times
  • Transparent fee structure for your peace of mind

Client Testimonials: Going Through Divorce With Our Expert Legal Assistance

Michael Hamburg is a great attorney and someone that you would definitely want on your team. He’s very intelligent, experienced, knowledgeable, confident, honest, personable, punctual, a true professional, and is a warrior in the courtroom. His work ethic is impeccable and he goes above and beyond for his clients than what most attorneys would go. Mike Hamburg helped me with my divorce case and also my child custody cases. He helped me with numerous other cases as well and we were always victorious… Always! Mike Hamburg always treated my cases as if they were his top priority and explained things in a clear and concise manner. Jodie Sykes Hamburg is a great asset to have on your team as well. They work awesomely together. I am grateful and thankful to have worked with Mike and Jodie and would not ever think of going into a court battle without them.

H.O., Baltimore

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You have Questions About Alimony In Baltimore? We Have The Answers!

1.      How can I minimize spousal support exposure?

There are several effective strategies that can help you minimize spousal support exposure, such as reducing debt, helping your spouse get more education and get employed, avoiding engaging in marital misconduct, reducing household expenditures, and so on.

2.      Is alimony automatic in the state of Maryland?

In Maryland, alimony is not automatically given to either of the spouses. Instead, the court will assess both parties’ needs and financials before determining whether spousal support is in order.

3.      How is alimony calculated in Baltimore?

The exact amount depends on the specific circumstances in each case. The precise amount and the period will be calculated by the court after taking statutory and other elements into consideration. (Md. Code, Family Law § 11–106)

4.      Can spousal maintenance be terminated in Maryland?

There are a number of reasons that can influence whether alimony will be terminated or not, but the basic idea is that alimony is terminated once there is there is no longer need for it. Typically, it is terminated once the receiving spouse gets remarried, starts a new romantic and habitual relationship, or if he or she dies.